Mainstream OTPs

Okay guys let’s take a tally of OTPs

Kingdom Keepers fans, we’ll start with you. Okay how many of you OTP Wilby?


Good, good. Okay, how many of you OTP Fimanda?


Harry Potter fans lets move on to you now.

Okay Potterheads, raise your hand if you OTP Romione


Moving on to the Hunger Games fans

Can we have a show of hands for those of you for OTP Fannie


Just what I thought, okay

Moving on to the Divergent fans

Who here OTPs Fourtris?


Ya of course you do, how couldn’t you?

Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus fans don’t think we forgot about you.



And we can’t exclude TV shows either.

Once Upon a Time Fans

Show of hands for OTPing Rumbelle





We’re done here. I think I made my point

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  8. emeraldblossom said: WAHHH, let’s not forget those other mainstream ones that I’M familiar with! NaruHina and ZeLink. And uhm, TenRose, and…uh…RoryXAmy….erm…that’s all I can think of. ^__^” Eheheh…
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